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In today’s global economy, feeding expanding populations is a very difficult endeavor. We need real solutions for the storage of food to keep this vital resource fresh and safe for consumption for long periods of time. Due to low quality food packaging bags, a shocking volume of life-saving foods are spoiled, leading to serious wasting, causing another very problematic situation, over-crowded landfills. These problems drastically impact the quality of our daily life.

In response to these very serious issues facing our planet, Ningbo Huafeng Package Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the production of high-quality flexible food bags. With Huafeng’s food storage products, the shelf-life of food is prolonged, creating a better, healthier quality of life.

In business for well over a decade, Ningbo Huafeng Package Co., Ltd. has a prime location in Yuyao City, bordering Hangzhou Bay in the north. Spanning an area of 40,000 square meters, Huafeng is a large-scale modern enterprise, dedicated to the production of multi-layer co-extrusion film and plastic flexible packages. In addition, Huafeng also possesses the ability to produce composite packaging, which combines co-extrusion film and flexible packaging materials together. The package possesses all the strength of co-extrusion film and flexible packages. Moreover, Huafeng could also provide high-quality packaging bag solutions, which feature high barrier and no residual solvent.

Thanks to our dedicated, hard-working staff and high-quality products, Huafeng has earned a stellar reputation both in China and in overseas markets. Meanwhile, the, “Storage Doctor”, vacuum seal storage bags manufactured by Huafeng have won the largest market share in the global marketplace. And now, Huafeng has established cooperative relationships with Walmart, ALDI, ASDA, RT-Mart, Qiaqia Food, VIPBCW, Ogilvy and many other famous companies.

Additionally, Huafeng has also established a provincial level technology research center, which is equipped with a diverse collection of advanced analytical instruments. These instruments help to provide precise detection and high-quality products, because at Huafeng we take quality control very seriously.

About Ningbo Huafeng Package Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2003, Ningbo Huafeng Package Co., Ltd. was located in Yuyao City, bordering Hangzhou Bay in the north. Its’ plant covers an area of 40,000 square meters, with cleanroom of 6,800 square meters. The cleanroom fully meets the requirements of QS (quality system).

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Huafeng always spends more than 5 % of its sales volume on product’s research and design. And now, Huafeng has obtained 14 national innovation patents and 6 utility patents. Besides that, Huafeng also established a university-industry cooperation with Zhejiang University, NIT (Ningbo Institute of Technology) and other universities.

  • Seminar for packaging film’s performance analysis

Lean manufacturing, staff share, points incentive program and many other moves highly motivate staffs’ enthusiasm towards production, and lay a sound foundation for Huafeng’s leap forward.

  • Huafeng’s monthly conference

Co-extrusion barrier films and custom printed flexible packages manufactured by Huafeng could be used together, and the power of their pairing lies in their complementary strength, which is high-barrier and no residual solvent. And now, Huafeng’s vacuum seal storage bag enjoys a high sales volume, which pulls ahead in global race.

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  • Discussion towards the features of packaging bags

Huafeng combines traditional marketing method and e-commerce together to attract customers from overseas market. Haufeng’s featured products, especially vacuum seal storage bag and vacuum bags, all enjoy high sales volumes in overseas market. At the same time, Huafeng, as a brand, also gains an growing popularity in packaging industry.

  • Discussion with U.K. customers
  • Approval from overseas customers

Huafeng also established a provincial level technology research center, which allows for an inspection towards the physical and chemical properties of our products. The technology research center is mainly designed for the developing of new products and the inspection towards products’ quality.

  • Huafeng’s Lab.

Gas chromatography us an analysis method that disintegrates compound into single elements. The technology is mainly designed for detection and identifying different substances. But in Huafeng, gas chromatography is mainly used to detect the residual solvent.

  • Gas chromatography machine
  • Test sample injection

Gas permeability tester is mainly designed to test the oxygen transmission rate of diverse packaging materials, which provides technical supports for our products’ structure design and material choosing. At the same time, it also provides data support for our products’ quality control.

  • Gas permeability tester

Intelligent tensile testing machine is mainly designed to test diverse physical properties, such as tensile strength, elongation at break, peel strength and etc., for plastic films, packaging materials and so on.

  • Intelligent tensile testing machine
  • Stress-strain curve for packaging film

Metallurgical microscope could be used to detect the interlayer thickness, the surface topography and cutting shapes of multi-layer co-extrusion films. At the same time, it could also be used to test the surface topography and dimensions of its zipper storage bags.

  • Metallurgical microscope
  • Cross profile detail for packaging film with metallurgical microscope
Product Videos
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