Vacuum seal storage bag, hand-roll vacuum bag

Our vacuum seal storage bags adopt newly-made nylon materials, which are eco-friendly, are odor-free with zero residual solvent. They may store goods of diverse dimensions. We utilize an air pump to compress air within bags. This innovative process prevents mildew, moisture, and moth from accumulating inside goods. At the same time, the bags feature strong compression, which could well save space for goods. Our hand-roll vacuum bag features easy use, which only requires easy rolling. Additionally, the hand-roll vacuum bag possesses a special-designed opening, removing air from inside. At the same time, clothes stored in the bag will not wrinkle easily. It also features small size and good resilience, so it is quite suitable for a business trip or travel. Another popular application is to store small items for daily life.

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  • Vacuum seal storage bag, hand-roll vacuum bag
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